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TVD meme[1/3] Species
∟ “What’s the best part about being a vampire? You feel like you could do anything. Be anyone. Beautiful things are more beautiful. Everything’s heightened, you just live more intensely, love more powerfully. And the worst? Ah, you know the worst. Aside from the blood? Anger becomes rage. When you’re sad, you’re in despair. Grief. Loss. It can cripple you. That’s why so many of us turn our emotions off. It just becomes… too overwhelming.”

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Game of Thrones @ Comic Con 2014

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"Hey don’t fucking swear" - Ashton Irwin probably 

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I always shipped Joey and Phoebe, he just seems to absolutely adore her

So did Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc. They at one point went to the writers and asked if it could be revealed that Joey and Phoebe had been sleeping together for forever.

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"Rahm Emanuel is not caring about our schools; he is not caring about our safety. He only cares about his kids. He only care about what he needs. He do not care about nobody else but himself.

He let Barbara Byrd-Bennett, a woman that’s from Detroit who don’t even know the streets of Chicago where I’m from, come in and close these schools.” [x]

Look at the passion y’all!!!

Teach the babies that their words matter yess

Some legends are told
Some turn to dust or to gold

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Punch everyone.
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I love my skin!